How to find quality nail services

Nail Salon Photo Credit: CosmoPolitician Monica D. from Flickr

When you call to book your appointment or if you are going to walk-in at a salon, you should first ask if all the nail technicians working in the salon are licensed. If they are not, it would be best for you to not get any services there. It is a North Carolina law that all nail services providers should be licensed by the state.

Once you enter the salon, check for the sanitation grade. The salon has to post the grade where the public can see it. Even if you already have a regular nail salon, always check for changes in the sanitation grade. If it is anything less than an A Grade, it would be a good idea to cancel your appointment and seek services at another salon. Always take note of the general cleanliness of the salon. If it does not look clean to you, then it is not.

If you are planning on receiving a pedicure, always check the whirlpool tubs for cleanliness. These tubs are the most difficult thing in the salon to clean, so it is very easy for employees to skip important steps in sanitizing them. The pipes that filter the water in and out can often go unsanitized between clients. So a quick check of that area could save you a lot of pain and difficulties in the future.

A great resource for anyone seeking salon nail services in our state is the North Carolina Cosmetic Arts website. They provide an endless amount of information about salons located all over the state. If you are a regular customer of nail salons it would be a great idea to become familiar with this site and check it periodically for updates.

Here is the link for their site…