What is going on with these NFL QBs?

helmet on the ground

Photo by Lucas Andrade on Pexels.com

They changed the rules of professional football to protect the quarterback. Or should I say they keep changing the rules of professional football to protect the quarterback. But why are still getting hurt. Is it just the fact that the well known quarterbacks are older now and prone to injury? The game has been overhauled to accommodate them. Yet they are still getting injured at a rapid rate.

The list of things a defender can’t do keeps getting longer and longer:

1993 Rule Change on definition of intentional grounding

1995 Rule Change on tackling a passer

2002 Rule Change to illegal to hit QB helmet-to-helmet

2006 Rule Change to low hit on QB prohibited

2007 Rule Change to block below waist to a eligible receiver while QB is in pocket

2009 Rule Change to illegal hit to a defenseless receiver

2009 Rule Change to low hits on passers (Brady rule)

This is all I know, the more an organization is regulated the more problems arise from it. So I firmly believe that more regulation from the NFL is not the answer. But what is? As fans, are just to expect to start each season and just wait around for your QB to get hurt?