Katy Perry’s manicurist releases a nail polish collection via Minx Nails

Kimmie Kyees is Katy Perry’s manicurist and she was already a rock star in the beauty industry. Kyees has now has released her own nail polish line through Minx Nails. Keeping with her rock star image, Kyees line is funky and edgy. If you are looking to add some spunk to your manicures and pedicures then this is the nail polish line for you. These nails feature bold neon colors and graphic prints.

The current choices in her line are not wide. But if line is popular, rest assured they will make more choices available in the future. Check out the designs for yourself here…http://bit.ly/I0rU6P. The gotcha design has the feel of a Jackson Pollock painting. To describe it as nail art seems to limit Kyees work because the colors are so much more than nail polish.

Kyees clients also include Rhianna and Gabourey Sidibe. She has her own website at kimmieknails.com and you can follow her on twitter @kimmiekyees. You will only be able to find Minx Nails through a professional manicurist. You can find a Minx Nails stylist in your area at minxnails.com.

Photo by Chris Polk/Getty Images

Katy Perry nails at 2010 MTV Music Awards

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