Essie’s Resort Chic nail polish collection is perfect for the season

New for 2012 Essie has released it Resort Collection nail polishes. This collection is stylish and sensible. You can never go wrong with Essie nail polish. You are sure to wear these colors all through the warm weather months. Lets take a look at this collection:

  1. sure shot– If you like to follow hot fashion trends, get some magenta nail polish. This color is the biggest color trend in nails going on right now. This color will be on manicures and pedicures everywhere this season. It is not for the shrinking violet because everyone is going to notice you with this color.
  2. pink-a-boo – You are sure to love this color. It is a soft pink and all the fashion rage this year. It will be a staple nail polish in your collection. This color looks great with every skin tone. It can be worn for any occasion. It is just a classic color that you will want to wear all the time.
  3. she’s a perfect picture – This is lovely lilac shade. It looks flirty and fun. It will look perfect with warm weather outfits, especially those sundresses. This is a great accessories to have this season.
  4. no more film – This deep violet color is sure to add that needed pop to your outfits this season. Jewel tones are a huge fashion trend right now. So this color will fit right in. You can bet you will see this on many toes this year. It is a beautiful color for a pedicure.

For more information on this collection checkout Essie’s website at You can purchase these colors at any major drugstore chain, beauty retailer and online.

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Essie's Spring Collection

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