How to give yourself a salon quality pedicure at home

Lets face it, often we do not have the time or money to visit the salon for a great pedicure. So here are simply tips to get the same professional look in the comfort of your own home.

(1) Soak your feet in warm water for five minutes. For an extra treat for your tired feet just add some bath salts to the water. Your feet will love it!

(2) Pat your feet dry with a towel. Slough off the dead skin with a foot file. You can find foot files at any drugstore or big box retailer. Use a file with a medium grit to get the best results without damaging your feet.

(3) Trim your nails straight across with a straight edge clipper. You should use three cuts per toe nail. This way you will avoid cutting your nails too short. If you trim your toenails too short you run the risks of developing ingrown toenails.

(4) Then smooth the edges off of your toe nails with a file. Use a fine grit file so you will not damage your nails. You can to find a fine grit file at the same store you purchased your foot file at.

(5) Next rub a cream all over your feet. Its is best to use a foot cream, but in a pinch, a body cream will work. Concentrate on your heels and  cuticles. These areas are driest parts of your feet.

(6) Now its time to prepare your toenails for polishing. Clean your nails with a lint free cotton pad soaked in polish remover. This will remove the oil from your nails, making your color application look perfect.

(7) Then apply a base coat, 2 coats of color, and a top coat. Make sure let the polish dry thoroughly and then your ready to go!

By following these easy steps you will look as though you just stepped out of the salon.

photo credit: Ellen McLawhorn

Royals and common folks love butter LONDON nail polish

In 2005 a new nail polish hit the market called butter LONDON. It quickly developed a cult following. Here is the link to their website, The founders of the company were determined to make nail products that were spectacular but affordable. Success came quickly to butter LONDON because their products are imaginative and bold, but presented with a sense of humor. Beauty products should never take themselves too seriously.

Kate Middleton, a.k.a. the Duchess of Cambridge, is a huge fan of these products. She can often be seen with butter LONDON colors on her nails. In the beginning this nail lacquer was only available in the United Kingdom. But soon they became so popular they were introduced to the United States. They are the first company in the U.S. market to produce non toxic nail polishes and to offer no water needed nail services at their salons. The company now offers lip glosses, nail care treatments and gift sets for purchase.

You can find butter LONDON locally at retailers like Dillard’s, Ulta, and Wildflower Boutique in Winston Salem, NC. Here is a link to the Wildflower Boutique Facebook page: http://www.facebook/ They are also available for purchase online from retailers like: & Their prices are very reasonable and they start as low as $14. If anyone has tried butter LONDON already let us know what you think.

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Kate Middleton wearing butter LONDON peach

Katy Perry’s manicurist releases a nail polish collection via Minx Nails

Kimmie Kyees is Katy Perry’s manicurist and she was already a rock star in the beauty industry. Kyees has now has released her own nail polish line through Minx Nails. Keeping with her rock star image, Kyees line is funky and edgy. If you are looking to add some spunk to your manicures and pedicures then this is the nail polish line for you. These nails feature bold neon colors and graphic prints.

The current choices in her line are not wide. But if line is popular, rest assured they will make more choices available in the future. Check out the designs for yourself here… The gotcha design has the feel of a Jackson Pollock painting. To describe it as nail art seems to limit Kyees work because the colors are so much more than nail polish.

Kyees clients also include Rhianna and Gabourey Sidibe. She has her own website at and you can follow her on twitter @kimmiekyees. You will only be able to find Minx Nails through a professional manicurist. You can find a Minx Nails stylist in your area at

Photo by Chris Polk/Getty Images

Katy Perry nails at 2010 MTV Music Awards

Essie’s Resort Chic nail polish collection is perfect for the season

New for 2012 Essie has released it Resort Collection nail polishes. This collection is stylish and sensible. You can never go wrong with Essie nail polish. You are sure to wear these colors all through the warm weather months. Lets take a look at this collection:

  1. sure shot– If you like to follow hot fashion trends, get some magenta nail polish. This color is the biggest color trend in nails going on right now. This color will be on manicures and pedicures everywhere this season. It is not for the shrinking violet because everyone is going to notice you with this color.
  2. pink-a-boo – You are sure to love this color. It is a soft pink and all the fashion rage this year. It will be a staple nail polish in your collection. This color looks great with every skin tone. It can be worn for any occasion. It is just a classic color that you will want to wear all the time.
  3. she’s a perfect picture – This is lovely lilac shade. It looks flirty and fun. It will look perfect with warm weather outfits, especially those sundresses. This is a great accessories to have this season.
  4. no more film – This deep violet color is sure to add that needed pop to your outfits this season. Jewel tones are a huge fashion trend right now. So this color will fit right in. You can bet you will see this on many toes this year. It is a beautiful color for a pedicure.

For more information on this collection checkout Essie’s website at You can purchase these colors at any major drugstore chain, beauty retailer and online.

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Essie's Spring Collection

Creative Nail Design’s Shellac manicure

Shellac manicures by Creative Nail Design has been on the market for several years now. This is no trendy manicure system, Shellac is now a established as a mainstay in the beauty business. They recently earned a best in class awards from Ad Age, Nails Magazine, and Nail Pro Magazine. Some of you may have already received a Shellac manicure from your nail technician. So this information will be just a review for you.

The system consists of a color coat, base/top coats, a UV lamp, and polish remover wraps. These products can only be purchased by a licensed manicurist. Be very wary if you come across one of these kits for sale to the general public. More than likely the merchandise is counterfeit or was illegal obtained.

The Shellac products are hypo-allergenic and contain no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP. Unlike acrylic or gel nail systems, these products are actually good for your nails. You will instantly notice that your nails are stronger and your manicures are lasting longer. You can get more information about Shellac online at

There is a helpful link on their website that will aid you in finding a professional in your area that has been trained to use Shellac products. Just be careful once you get a manicure using this system because regular nail polish is not compatible with these products and could ruin your manicure. But your nail technician should make you aware of that when you get your Shellac manicure.