How to paint your fingernails like a professional

So you do not have the time or the money to visit the salon to have your nails polished? Here are easy to follow instructions on how to paint your fingernails at home just like a professional manicurist would in the salon:

  1. Swipe your nails with a acetone polish remover. Use a swab made for nails. A regular cotton ball has lint and could mess up your polish. A acetone polish remover will cut the amount of oil on your nails and help the new polish adhere better.
  2. Apply a single thin clear base coat. This will make the color polish last longer. If you apply a thick layer it will cause the polish to smudge and increase your drying time. Use a base coat that is formaldehyde free because is it better for the health of your fingernails. A base coat will act like double-sided tape by anchoring the polish and creating a barrier for your nails.
  3. Next apply your choice of color polish. Pick a polish that is phthalate free because it will resist chipping. Apply two thin coats of color polish. Always brush forward with one fluid motion when applying the color. Let each layer dry to avoid bubbles in your color. Remember a pale pink shade is the most forgiving. This shade is timeless and ageless.
  4. Now you are ready to apply your topcoat. This will set the color on your nails and add shine to their appearance. Choose a topcoat that has a sunscreen in it to make the color last longer.

A great looking at home nail polish application is very easy to do. Just remember to use a good quality base coat, color, and top coat. This should improve the look and durability of your manicure.

Here are the best places to buy professional grade polish:

Happy polishing!

One comment

  1. Susan · March 27, 2012

    Great article. Will have to give it a try.

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